Great Songs! Great Music! Great Entertainment!

In the late 80’s, Showtime came together for the first time. We knew straight away that it was going to be a blast! The songs we chose were Big Band and Swing era standards from the 40’s and early 50’s. We featured some Glenn Miller tunes and many sung by the Mills Brothers and The Ink Spots…Great Songs!

Jay Danley is our arranger and Music Director, rhythm guitarist and he sings tenor with Steve Brouitt, who choreographs the "two left foot society" (that's us!) and also sings tenor with Bruce Patterson, our newest recruit, and James Grant, one of our featured soloists.



These are The Voices of Showtime!



These are Great Songs and Great Memories!


This is Great Entertainment!



Dr. Ray Danley, our first Director, arranged many songs for us, using “jazz harmonies” that groups like The Four Freshman made popular…imitation is flattery after all. Our audiences loved the sound and the great memories that these songs always bring.


Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Johnnie Ray, The Crew Cuts, The Everly Brothers and The Platters…these were the vocalists that signaled change and Showtime was ready! The sounds of R&B and early Rock and Roll dominated the late 50’s and we started to cover some of the best of that era…but with a twist!

If we were going to be great entertainers, then we needed a great production! Our next progression was to attempt some pretty sophisticated staging…choreography! Our audiences applauded!


Some 15 years ago we transformed ourselves into The Voices of Showtime that you see and hear today.  We sing the songs of The Beach Boys and The Drifters, The Marcels, Neil Sedaka, Bobby Darin and Buddy Holly……….as well as the best of the songs that got us here.


Juke Box Saturday Night is a constantly evolving production that honours our roots, pays tribute to the singers and songs of those times and leads us forward!


Alan Ely,  Artistic Director, sings lead with Ted Heighington who plays keyboard and John Barrett ... ya gotta love that sax!


Our baritones are Tony Flynn and Wayne McMullen, an original Showtimer!, and they have the hardest but most interesting singing part.


Dave Clark and Gerry Adams, our basses, anchor our sound and often provide the vocal rhythm section!